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Classic Willow Armchair

Willow and Alder
H 80″(varies), D 19″, W 18″

The Classic Willow Arm Chair adds country-living to any indoor or outdoor space. Handcrafted from alder and willow shoots, this piece offers a rustic yet whimsical aesthetic. The willow shoots offer sturdy and comfortable support, available in both the “classic” or “forest style” back design. Very similar to the first willow chair I built when Kate Lawes first taught me, this is where it all started.

*cushions not included

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Willow Love Seat

Willow, Alder
H 36″, D 27″ W 54″

Perfectly balance your outdoor patio setup or indoor living space with this classic folk tradition willow love seat. The rustic seating is handmade with local materials, comfortable enough to be used with or without a cushion. Customize your loveseat with either a two or three seat variety in either the “classic” (as pictured) or “forest-style” back design.

*cushion not included

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Cedar Top Side Table

Cedar and Alder
H 50″, D 42″, W 50″

The Cedar Top Side Table embodies rustic charm. Often used in indoor or outdoor living spaces to either offset modern elements or complete the country look. The cedar top side table is handcrafted with a strong alder base and western red cedar top to rest your favourite beverage or book.

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Stone Table Top

80″ x 80″ x 80″

Willow, Slate, Alder

Each Stone Top Table is unique and one of a kind. Not one is the same due to the natural formations of the slate, with the base being made to suit the top. The locally sourced slate slabs add a rugged feel to the alder legs, with naturally formed braces and willow accents marrying rustic charm with contemporary style. These tables can be created in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to very large, please contact for sizing availability.

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Metamorphosis Chair

H 66″, D 23″, W 27″

Willow and Alder

This unique chair combines rustic materials and modern construction, transforming a piece of furniture into a work of art. Willow shoots cascade upwards from its alder base to provide striking artful expression and comfortable seating. Each one of these pieces is distinctly original. These chairs turn out different every time, making the process a fun and anticipated surprise.

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Forest Style Club

Willow and Alder
H 33″, D 23″, W 29″

Built for comfort and versatility with a smaller footprint than the Classic Willow Armchair, this chair is one of my best sellers. The Club Chair works well for breakfast nooks, living space accents or patio lounging. Also available in diamondback and larger sizes for taller folks.

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Forest Style Shelf

Willow, Alder, and Cedar
H 26″, D 6″, W 24″

Highlight any room with a touch of the outdoors. The Forest Style Shelf can be used in the kitchen as a spice rack, to display small potted plants, candles, and other decor. Available in many other sizes and dimensions for your favourite items.

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Forest Style Table

Willow, Cedar, Alder

H 30″, D 30″, W 48″ (as photographed, available in smaller or larger sizes)

Bring the outdoors in with the Forest Style Table, incorporating three different types of wood. The Forest Style table makes for a lovely hall table, breakfast nook feature, or kitchen table.

Sturdy alder legs and cedar top are strong enough to handle significant weight, highlighted with decorative rustic willow accents. Choose between darkened or natural cedar top treated in linseed oil to protect the surface.

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High Back Dining Chair

Willow, Alder, Cedar
H 80″(varies), D 19″, W 18″

The High Back Dining Chairs make a statement in any dining room, waiting area, front door foyer or living area. Their height and original design create the perfect blend of modern construction and rustic charm. These chairs are often sold in sets but work well as accent pieces. The High Back Dining Chairs are more than just seating, they are conversation pieces full of possibility.

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